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Wii U Failure Prompts Power-Up for Mario Bros.

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WiiU-5Wii U Failure Prompts Power-Up for Mario

There is trouble in the Nintendo Kingdom and once again, they are looking at the fearless Brothers, Mario and Luigi (or more aptly known and branded as Mario Bros. (???????? Mario Buraz?zu), to save the day.

Although the dangers may not be coming straight from the sewers of New York, Nintendo is WiiU-2hoping that a ?Power-Up? of their highly successful game franchise, as well as other popular Nintendo characters, will solve the problems brought about by the lackluster sales of their Wii U gaming console.

Whatever Nintendo does ? modifying or upgrading the Wii U or coming up with a brand new console, they are betting their bottom dollar (or Yen in this instance) on the resurgence of their beloved and iconic gaming characters like Mario and Luigi. Their focus on hardware is still the main driving force for the company though although the ?fail? they experienced with the Wii U has promoted them to align their hardware development with their in-house software strengths.

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Video: What Happened to the Wii U (JermTheWorm26 / YouTube)


WiiU-3Many gaming analysts have predicted however that Nintendo will not initiate any major hardware development (like coming up with a brand new console) or even upgrade its Wii U system and games to be played online or in mobile gadgets like tablets and smartphones.

Most analysts believe that the future and growth of the gaming industry is in the online and mobile markets and cite the business development and growth of Microsoft (X-Box 360 and One) and Sony (Playstation 3 and 4) as proof. They are quick to note that the mis-fortunes of Nintendo are directly tied to their slow adoption to the online and mobile platforms. Experts also add that Sony and Microsoft have even scheduled launches for a Cloud based system that will allow users of their game titles to play across different platforms.

Gaming experts believe that the Mario franchise, if taken to the ?Cloud? will be a major move for Nintendo. Jean Snow, a gaming consultant based in Tokyo laments however that ? Online is big and Nintendo is notorious for not having a great online system.?

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Video: Is the Wii U a Failure? (gamespot / YouTUbe)


The company has the resources to make a big turn around though, the same experts agree. They have the muscle (a bulging US$ 8.3 WiiU-1Billion dollars) and the history of great comebacks that many gamers ? experts and Nintendo fans alike- are excited in what Nintendo plans to do to in the coming months.

Snow positively adds that ? Nintendo is a special thing, because of its history, so many gamers have a soft spot for Nintendo… they just shot themselves in the foot with this piece of hardware, the Wii U,” said Snow. “But I totally think they can get out.?

Nintendo however will need to address the criticism that they did not release enough games for the Wii U console which caused its failure. Unlike its predecessor, the Wii, which became a hit WiiU-4because of the sports and fitness games and its unique sensor controller, the Wii U had really nothing new to offer.

Some noteworthy suggestions that Nintendo might want to consider is licensing its very popular games to other developers that will be able to make Mario, Luigi and Zelda playable in iOs and Android systems. Likewise, they could also take a cue from Pokemon, and expand the popular characters into movies, toys and cartoons which would eventually benefit their gaming titles and consoles… the ?princess? and declare a happily ever after for the whole Nintendo Kingdom.

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