Why The First Titanfall Ended Up With Xbox and PC Only: Sony’s Fault

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Like most AAA games, successful or not, Microsoft exclusive game Titanfall went through a development hell. One of the worst things that happened whilst Titanfall is being developed is being involved in a very complicated lawsuit. Even Jason West left Respawn out in the open because of this. All this happened, but Titanfall still made its way to the consumers. Thanks to Microsoft and EA. No credits to Sony though.

So why did it not make its way to PlayStation then? Simply put, Sony wasn?t cooperative and open about the project. With the game?s mechanics, Respawn originally intended to have Titanfall released on PC only, but Microsoft convinced them to have it released to the Xbox One as well.

Respawn was willing to go the extra mile by even releasing the game on PS Vita but Sony refused just the same as they did with their bigger platform, PlayStation 4.

“It mentions that they essentially pleaded with Sony, saying ?Listen, things are about to be locked in behind the scenes. If you want this, please talk to us?, which Sony again declined.”

Obviously enough, Sony didn?t want the game on either of their platforms.

“It also mentions that at a point later in development, Zampella and West sat down with Riccitiello to tell him that they didn?t have enough manpower to develop for any consoles, other than Xbox One and, maybe, PC, and that Respawn was essentially out of money and the game would need to be delayed and that they?d cut single player. EA ended up having to find the funding for the project with a first party, and Microsoft was willing to put up the money to actually finish the game.” ? Based from Final Hours of Titanfall.

In a nutshell, Microsoft supported Titanfall. A big part of the deal was because of a Business agreement, but a huge chunk of this outcome was also from Sony?s consistent refusal to take the game in. Titanfall, becoming exclusive to Microsoft, wasn?t Respawn?s idea but Sony?s. You decide if this is a good or a bad thing.

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