Why suffer when you can shrug off a snoring roommate with the help of these silencing earbuds?

You can use it all night without consuming batteries

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It’s never too bad to share your room with someone. But if you care about sleeping without distractions, a sleeping buddy can break your deep sleep with some annoying noise. Snap these problems with one of the simplest but most effective solutions. 



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What is ZQuiet?

Zquiet can be the ultimate answer to your problems with someone who snores a lot. This brand knows how tiring it is to lay down tired without getting to sleep all night. Thus, Zquiet came up with simple noise-canceling solutions that will ensure you a good night of sleep.

QuietOn Active Snore-Cancelling Earbuds
ZQuiet Advanced Sleep Earplugs

What does ZQuiet offer?


Through ZQuiet’s earplugs, your sleep will be more peaceful than ever. It comes with two types of earplugs that suit your snore-silencing obsessions. If your partner snores a little but still keeps you distracted, you can have the Advanced Earplugs. But if you find the snores intolerable, maybe it’s time that you get the QuietOn Active Snore-Canceling Earbuds. You don’t have to do much about it. Plug it in your ear and have a good rest.

What other benefits do I get from it?

  • Attenuation filter

  • Ultra-comfort

  • Integrated pull-tab

  • Hypo-allergenic

  • Two ear tip sizes


What other applications will this work with?

  • When working

  • During travel


Is this an electronic device?


No! Zquiet does not use electric energy. You don’t have to use batteries to make these earbuds work. Return your purchase within 60 days if you feel unsatisfied about it.