Google Allo: Why Should You Uninstall it Now?

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Google Allo

Google Allo was first announced earlier this year at the I/O conference. It serves as an instant messaging service application. Apparently, Google has finally decided to release it now.

Google Allo Not Worth The Security Risk?

According to PhoneArena, they aren?t impressed with the Allo. Additionally, the other readers have also shared the same reaction. The former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, had the same impression.

Snowden stated that?Allo?should be deleted and never to be touched again. Using Snowden?s Twitter account, he urged the users to stay away on the app. Snowden branded the Google Allo as surveillance.

Apparently, Google Allo was released alongside the Duo video chat app. Google has made sure that it would only store the data transiently. The user?s chat logs won?t be held within the servers of Google indefinitely.

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Google has also stated that all of the collected data will be anonymous. Meaning it won?t be able to trace the sender or recipient. However, the AI Assistant is required to read the user?s messages.

Artificial Intelligent Assistant

That way, Google Allo will be fully artificially intelligent. However, if the Assistant can read them, it follows that Google itself can read the messages too. Furthermore, law enforcements like the NSA and such, can view the information.

Google Allo

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Furthermore, Google Allo isn?t the worse IM service app out there. On the bright side, It handles the data pretty well compared to other IM service apps. The content is transported via secured HTTPS connection.

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Long-story-short, it is one of the most secure IM service out there. Hackers won?t be able to get their hands on user?s stuff. However, Google and the government can easily access the user?s data.

Spying App?

Snowden also stated that the IM service can be easily accessed by the government. It can be used to collect the user?s info and subpoena easily. Furthermore, the data can be easily traced base on the way information is stored. On the other hand, Google Allo is an excellent overall app.

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