Why People Prefer the iPad to Other Brands? Tablets

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In a short amount of time, tablets have become part of technological trends everyone is crazy about. There is a huge demand for smartphones today but there is also an equally big need for tablets in the market. Consumers are looking for more convenient ways and portable devices they can do their work and activities in ? just what the tablet is for.

The iPad is considered a leader in the tablet market today. Whenever someone talks about tablets, it always goes like, ?iPad and the other tablets.? Although Android tablets have also their own share of consumers to brag about, experts say that many people still prefer the iPad to other brands? tablets.

A Bernstein Research survey says, ?Fifty percent of respondents preferred Apple over all other brands. There is a remarkable degree of unanimity in consumer?s preferences for the iPad over competing products. ? In the US, we find that Apple has more than double the brand appeal of BlackBerry, HTC, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung combined. These manufacturers have a very high level of brand equity and visibility in adjacent categories. It is striking that they hold so little appeal for consumers in tablets.?


This also means that brand loyalty is common among Apple users. Many people who have turned to Apple for devices have a hard time switching to Android ones. This means that just the brand, Apple, is enough for a person to choose the iPad among other tablets. Having an iPhone and a Macbook will definitely convince you to purchase an iPad because it is much easier to sync your apps, photos, videos and more because they are of the same brand. iTunes is always there to help you out.

Another point to ponder on is that people who prefer iPads choose it because of the iOS’s elegant feel as the main selling point. The iOS is elegant and smooth. Even the physical appearance of the iPad looks sophisticated already ? no need for fancy cases.


Lastly, consumers prefer iPads because of the apps offered in the iTunes store. Although there are so many apps available on the Google Play Store, some apps that are offered on iTunes cannot be seen there. Some games and apps developers are offering their products to iTunes alone. Because of this, there is a significant gender gap between tablet owners. Men who like gaming and technological apps comprise 52.9% of iPad owners.

Overall, tablet preference depends on what you like and what you don?t. Choose a tablet that suits your needs. But for now, iPads are still leading the market.

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