Why I’m not updating to iOS 8.0 once it comes out: iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPod Touch problems are sure to come

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Ever since iOS 8 has come out for developers, lots of users have been trying to get their Apple devices like their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running the spanking new OS. I really don?t have anything against people fiddling with their devices, however they want?unless you have no idea what you?re doing and you just want to be the first with something.

A misguided group of people has probably downloaded the update and implemented it already only to find that it?s rife with bugs, errors and incompatibility with a lot of their apps. So much for being first, but I?d like to thank these impatient people for experiencing all the errors so I can live by their cautionary tale.

Suffice to say, updating to iOS 8 just as it comes out (and even before it?s been officially launched) is a bad idea. Why? Here are my reasons and you should think about them before you update as well:

  1. Apple always has a security issue with every new update. Ever since Apple started rolling out a new iOS version they?ve? had an issue with how the iPhone and iPad locks or can be accessed by other people than the owner. Wait until they?ve come out with the next fix for the base OS.
  2. Apple never admits the bugs that happen when people update their device. Despite so many people complaining of other problems when they update, the company doesn?t respond to the mountain of forum questions, tweets and complaints on their websites. Most of the problems are addressed when they come out with fixes in the next few months, though in the form of ?improvements?.
  3. You can?t revert to an older version of iOS once you?ve updated to the latest version without going to the Apple Store. When you?ve updated and you find that your Touch ID doesn?t work, your Personal Hotspot won?t connect properly or your iPhone keeps dropping your carrier signal or Wi-Fi connection, you can?t go back to an earlier version to fix it back. You?ll have to wait for the next fix when Apple releases it?in this case, iOS 8.1

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What problems could you encounter ?when you update to iOS 8.0 the moment it comes out (or even now with the developer version out)? Take a look:

  1. Your Touch ID malfunctions. You lose all your saved fingerprints and the device doesn?t seem to sense your fingerprint anymore.
  2. Your signal gets dropped and you?re forced to refresh connections. iOS 8.0 may cause your iPhone or iPad to lose your carrier signal or Wi-Fi detection.
  3. Your iPhone or iPad can?t connect to a home or office network. Sometimes, the iPhone can?t detect any networks at all.
  4. Apps don?t appear on your Home Screen but are on your iTunes account.

So what do you think? Are you willing to take the risk with updating as soon as iOS 8.0 is officially launched or are you waiting for iOS 8.1? As for me, I’d rather have something working perfectly instead of all these new features with a lot of bugs and errors.

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