Why I Thought Assassin’s Creed May Be PS3 Exclusive

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I know it sounds crazy, but here’s my reasoning.

1. Ubisoft held a press conference and didn’t show ANY in game footage, only a trailer. How do you not show any gameplay of one of your flagship titles at your OWN conference?

2. The first gameplay footage was shown at the Sony conference and there was not one clip shown at Microsoft’s conference.

3. The PSP version of the game works together with the PS3 version.

4. All the posters for Assassin’s Creed II have no system info on them. No Xbox or PS3 logos. Their other game, Splinter Cell does say Xbox 360.

5. There aren’t any Assassin’s Creed II demos in Microsoft’s booth.

6. Ubisoft only has the PS3 version in their booth.

Some PR rep has told me that it is indeed coming out for the 360. I’m thinking timed exclusivity maybe? Why no 360 or PC showing? Maybe they are finishing the PS3 version first? Maybe I’m just crazy.

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