Why Do We Love The Pikachu Pokemon So Much?

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Pikachu Pokemon
Pikachu Loves Ketchup

Among all of them, for sure, there are more powerful and definitely much more adorable than the Pikachu Pokemon. So why is he hogging all of the attention?

Pikachu is the equivalent of Mickey Mouse in Japanese otaku culture or in the anime or manga world. Conceptualized by Atsuko Nishida and with the final design done by Ken Sugimori, these yellow mouse-like Pokemon are the first electric-type who also became the central character in the series and is also regarded as the mascot. This is because Pikachu appeals more to mothers, being that they look like a house pet. In turn, mothers will buy them for the kids, who would definitely love them. With its bright yellow color, anyone would recognize a Pikachu from afar.

Another reason why Pikachu is popular, specifically Ash?s Pikachu, is because he is a bit humanized and portrayed in detail with human emotions in the series. Pikachu is like a little kid. His adorable voice is like baby talk. It can also be seen that he habitually disobeys Ash in the series but is always there for him like a true best friend. Ash?s Pikachu seems to love ketchup by the way! Though he was also seen eating berries and apples.

Ash?s Pikachu is the only Pokemon in the series who was able to defeat two Legendary Pokemons, Brandon?s Regice and Tobias? Latios! Take note, he isn?t even legendary himself.

One of Pikachu?s voice actor is none other than Ikue Otani, who is also the voice actor of some of your favorite anime characters. ?


Ikue Otani

Pikachu started as a pixelated game character in the GameBoy release of Pokemon in 1995. This game has been one of the most successful games of all time, second to Nintendo?s Mario Franchise. But surely today, with Pokemon Go becoming an instant hit all over the world, Pikachu and the whole Pokemon Franchise are in a league of their own. With augmented reality, Pikachu is not just HD, he?s sort of alive now, isn?t he?

Pikachu Pokemon merchandise are everywhere. From bags to clothes to snacks, and even cars! Anything you can probably get your hands on has a Pikachu version.


Toyopet Pikachu Car

Lastly, Pikachu?s appearance makes people smile. How about you? What do you love about Pikachu? Post it below in the comments section.

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