?Who?s Down? App: A Great Way To Know Who Your ?Real? Friends Are, Here?s How

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Check out what makes this new Google meeting app useful for your everyday use.

The new Who?s Down app from Google is still in the early phase of development, so only a fair share of users can only access it via invite from Google. But instead of connecting with other people on the World Wide Web, it helps you interact with your current ?real? friends.

How Who?s Down works is simple; you toggle a slider that will pop up on screen where you can toggle if you are available, to specify on what you would like to do either for a lunch or a movie hangout, and if your friends are free to hang out. Though the concept of the app is quite simplistic, it may have some great impact for those who always hang out some with their friends and are finding a simple way to finalize any planned activities.

Though the Who?s Down has some similarities with Apple?s Find My Friends app, but once you compare the two, as Find My Friends is more on tracking your friends and family, Who?s Down is more on being available, in a more simplistic form of a calendar activity notification with chat functions. It is interesting to see Google trying to experiment on making a much interactive app for socializing, they have tried in creating their own social network with Google Plus, unfortunately the reception was not that great and more still prefer on the already established Facebook and Twitter.

Who?s Down is currently available for Android and iOS through invites, but you can request for an invitation to try out the app if it fits well to your liking. No info yet on when Who?s Down will be available to the public, most likely this is still on the beta phase.


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