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Create a white wonderland with up to 35% off on bedroom essentials

It’s time to build the perfect retreat.

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Pacific Coast's Annual White Sale is currently ongoing where you can enjoy up to 35% off on bedroom essentials:

  • organic cover cotton pillows
  • easy-to-wash pillow protectors
  • comfortable and fluffy featherbeds
  • light oversized blankets and insulating comforters
  • hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking sheet sets

The color white provides a clean, fresh, and minimalistic look to any room. It also sets a calm and relaxing tone while working well with any other accent colors you might have in your bedroom. If you are looking to create a more serene space in the most important room in your house, Pacific Coast’s Annual White Sale is currently ongoing where you can enjoy up to 35% off on bedroom essentials.

Here are some of their bestsellers that you can get on sale now:

Get a good night’s sleep every time with the Double Down Around Organic Cotton Cover Pillow. The pillow is made of comfortable Resilia that give it just the right support for any kind of sleeping position. It isn’t any wonder why hotels all over the world use it!

Keep your pillow cleaner for longer with this 100 percent cotton standard zip pillow protector. It’s an easy and effective way to ensure that your precious pillows are always protected. It’s easy to remove when it’s time to wash it, as well.

Why not get a whole set while you’re at it?

A lot of upscale hotels prefer this for a reason. Not only is this Baffle Box Featherbed comfortable and fluffy; it also provides a hint of luxury, offering restful sleep by hitting the right pressure points when you lie down. This includes your muscles, shoulders, and hips.

If you’re a light and warm sleeper looking for a comfy blanket to sleep under, this oversized Down Blanket will provide you with the coverage that you need so you can sleep comfy without it getting too hot.

Conversely, if you live somewhere cold or love sleeping with air-conditioning while snuggled under a comforter, the Extra Warmth Down Comforter will keep you comfy and warm in its fluffy and soft insulating goodness. It was built for durability, too, ensuring that you won’t have to get a new one for years to come.

If it’s bedsheets you need, you can’t go wrong with the TENCEL sheet set. Providing premium quality, these sheets scream of luxury and comfort. It is also hypoallergenic and wicks of moisture while inhibiting the growth of bacteria all at the same time. The sheet set also comes in different colors in case someone in your household isn’t all about the white or if you feel like changing things up a bit.