White Ribbon Day 2015 Australia: Why Is This Event Significant?

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Thousands of Australians took part in the annual White Ribbon Walk from High Cross Park at Randwick to Coogee Beach in Sydney on November 25, 2016.

Men and women wearing white ribbon t-shirts walked in the fifth annual White Ribbon Walk that included NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione, Minister for Women Pru Goward and Opposition Leader Luke Foley according to ABC News. National Rugby League along with Touch Football Australia CEO too participated in the annual walk. The participants then pledged that they will stand up, speak out and act to prevent violence against women. ?The police commissioner mentioned about 28000 or so domestic violence cases handled by police in NSW alone and need to stand up against such violence.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball speaking on the issue of domestic violence said, ?We must face the confronting fact that society?s attitude towards women ? and the lack of respect we have for women ? is closely connected to the violence perpetrated against them.? According to TheAustralian?the government is planning on implementing domestic violence leave for workers affected by family and domestic violence all over Australia. Such a leave is already provisioned in states like Queensland.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton faced a lot of flak on social networking site twitter after he posted a tweet about his being against violence targeting women and children. According to Pedestrian?the Immigration department is in controversy since the rape of Somali refugee Abyan on Nauru. A lot of people hold the minister personally accountable for sentencing women and children to mandatory detention centers where they are at risk of sexual-assaults, rapes and violence.

The first White Ribbon Day was launched in 1991 in Canada by group of young men after a brutal shooting at the University of Montreal that claimed the lives of 14 women. United Nations officially recognized 25 November as International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in 1991. The movement seeks to raise awareness about prevalence of male violence against women and promote healthy relationships and gender equity.

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