White House Hosts First Maker Faire this Year

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United States President Obama announced February 3rd on its plan to host the first Maker Faire this year at the White House. Although they are still working on the details, the government asked the help of 16 ? year ? old Joey Hudy to spread the news. During last week?s State of the Union address, Joey was seen sitting beside First Lady Michelle Obama. Two years ago, the kid wowed President Obama at the White House Science Fair with his marshmallow cannon.

Don?t be Bored, Make Something

The first ? ever Maker Faire at the White House will bring celebration of science, math, technology and engineering. Back in 2012, Obama was amazed when the 16 ? year ? old Joey Hudy visited the White House?s East Room. The U.S President was wowed when Joey fired off his marshmallow cannon.

Also known as Marshmallow, Hudy handed a business card to the President that reads, ?Don?t be bored, make something.? The sight of the kid sitting with the First Lady is a clear statement that the White House is behind the idea of the Maker Faire in the U.S.

What is the Maker Faire?

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Maker Faire is a series of science fairs, which was first held in San Mateo, California in 2006. The people behind the Make magazine were responsible for launching the event. This magazine showcases things about science, crafts, creativity, anything magical and wonderful.

The Maker Faires are now held worldwide in more than 100 locations, including New York city that attracts over 75, 000 people annually. Since 2006, the Maker Faire have accumulated more than 1.5 million attendees. With the White House hosting its first Maker Faire, it is a clear sign that the world has started appreciating awesome inventions by the smartest people on the planet.

The marshmallow cannon of little Joey has obviously made history with the White House organizing the Maker Faire. There are no specific details yet, but this event will surely be the smaller version of those that attracts more than 100, 000 people each spring. According to a blog post, the White House aims to highlight the incredible stories of the Makers and commitments by organizations to help entrepreneurs and students get involved in creating things.


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