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Whispers of the Old Gods: Hearthstone Pros Share Opinions on New Cards

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Now that the dust has settled on Hearthstone?s big Whispers of the Old Gods reveal, it?s time to see what the community is saying about the initial batch of cards shown off.

Hearthstone Pros Share Their Thoughts on Old Gods

PC Gamer managed to get a hold of several of the game?s most prominent pro players to see what they thought of the announcement standout card: the powerful legendary C?Thun, the first of the four titular Old Gods that serve as the expansion?s main theme.

Andrey, ?Reynad? Yanuk, a popular Twitch streamer and owner of e-sports organization TempoStorm, was impressed by the card, saying that it was unique mechanic only possible in a digital card game like Hearthstone. He told PC Gamer that, ?C?Thun looks relatively playable in most classes now because the [cultist] minions just have solid stats to begin with, and I feel like it can legitimately be played in almost anything and feel kind of different depending on the class.?

Brian Kibler, a professional game designer and Hearthstone streamer, said that classes geared towards slower, more control-type strategies like Priest, Mage, or Warrior would be the ones most likely to synergize well with the slow, 10-mana cost C?Thun.

C?Thun wasn?t the only card to get some love from the pros. In his video review of the cards, Streamer and Youtuber Kripparian mentioned the new Polluted Hoarder as a solid pick in Arena mode. He said that the card?s 4 attack power and card-draw deathrattle effect make it a solid 4 mana cost card that should see some play. He also said that Corrupted Healbot card might make a mech-themed priest deck viable in the Wild format of the game.

Expect more cards in the coming days, so keep it right here on the BitBag for all your Hearthstone news.


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