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Whisper App Online Confessions: Husbands Reveal Wives’ Bad Parenting Moments

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Whisper app has gathered some of the most brutal online confessions about different topics. One thread that is going viral featured the admissions of husbands about their wives’ bad parenting moments or habits.

We’ve gathered some of the most shocking posts uploaded to the secret-sharing app.

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Top Whisper app posts

One user shared that his wife seems “not cut out to be a mom” since she yells at their kids all the time. “She can’t handle the stress,” he wrote. The situation has allegedly gotten so upsetting that the husband now prefers to be the one to stay at home instead of his spouse.

A father-of-two complained that his spouse allegedly allows their babies to scream in hunger. While they are crying, the mom supposedly just surfs Facebook – sometimes for as long as three hours. “Then when I go to feed them, I’m ‘undermining’ her as a mother,” he ranted.

Another husband revealed that his wife keeps getting mad at their children for doing chores incorrectly. “She does this instead of taking the time to show them how to do it right,” he scoffed.


Images from Whisper App

The online confessions raised different types of advice from readers and experts. A review from Hot Moms Club suggested that these men should maintain open communication lines with the mother of their children. One proposal was to open things up and maybe give these full-time moms a break. However, the reviewer also reminded wives–specifically the Facebook-obsessed moms–to keep their focus on family and be more patient.

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Wives answer back

The topic about bad parenting moments also raised a lot of horror stories from the side of the wives.

One complained that her spouse seemingly “despises” being a father. This has supposedly caused their five-year-old child to be too terrified to even talk to him. “I feel sickened because I’m the one keeping our kid in this environment, since I choose to not leave my husband,” the woman wrote.

Another detailed that her seven-month-old daughter has never been bathed or diaper-changed by her husband. “He also hasn’t had her alone longer than 10 minutes,” the disgruntled wife said about her spouse. However, the dad allegedly gets offended when she insinuates that he lacks parenting skills.

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