Which should you get: LG G2 vs iPhone 5s?

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If you?re one of the smartphone buyers who?ve narrowed their choices between the LG G2 and the iPhone 5s, then this is the article for you. It makes sense that you?re still deciding between Android and iOS, but let?s look at the phones themselves; the LG G2 was 2013?s smartphone of the year, blowing away all the other competition and the iPhone 5s was the latest Apple flagship phone to come out last September.

Let?s take a look at the phones based on the following:

  • Specs (not the numbers, but how the phone performs practically)

We?re not going to bore you with numbers. But you should know if the phones can handle everything you want them to do. This means media, games, apps, websites and other services and OS transitions. What you should basically know is that the LG G2?s specs blow the iPhone 5s? chips and other components out of the water. But this doesn?t mean that the two don?t perform equally. So far, their app launching, transitions, loading and functions are all buttery-smooth. The G2 does have a problem with zooming in and out of websites that the iPhone 5s doesn?t share.

  • Aesthetics

Hands down, the iPhone 5s looks better and has a more distinctive look than the LG G2. If you?re looking for your phone to be a fashion statement, there is no other choice but the iPhone 5s. But if you?re looking to have a phone not a lot of other people see or a phone with a larger display that can help browse websites and watch media, then the LG G2 is the better choice.

  • Usability

Note that we didn?t use ?user-friendliness? for comparing these phones. We think that eventually, you learn how to use any phone you really want to have. iOS 7 is easier to use but has limited customization features. The LG G2, on the other hand, runs on Android and gives users more freedom in their usage. It?s also a great example of how Android can be done well. This means you can customize more phone features and access all the apps on the Google Play Store without getting country-locked. The cameras are mostly the same in performance.

In the end, the two phones match up nicely. Go for the iPhone 5s if you want an easy, beautiful gem of a phone. The LG G2, on the other hand, performs just the same but with a bigger screen and more functions for power users.

Photos from:?http://www.lg.com/global/g2 and?https://www.apple.com/iphone-5s/design/

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