Which is Truly Better in Terms of Gaming? PC or Consoles?

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PC Master Race (Image Credit to segabits.com
PC Master Race (Image Credit to segabits.com

Whoever invented the term PC Master Race is some awesome person who realizes that PC is the ultimate platform for optimal gaming experience…. but how true is this really? Yes. PC?s power is somewhat superior when compared to consoles like Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or even Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In an Urban Dictionary entry, here?s how it describes the actual term:

PC Master Race

?Gamers who invest time and money into their personal computer and use it as their main gaming platform with the graphic settings cranked up to maximum. Unlike the dirty console peasants, members of the glorious PC gaming master race have the freedom to upgrade their hardware, overclock, modify their game files, and play games at a level of quality unobtainable on consoles.

While anyone can go out and buy a powerful gaming computer which comes pre-assembled, many purists will argue that the money saved and experience gained from building a computer yourself is what actually makes someone a member of the PC master race.

Ryan: Did you hear Dave just built a $2,000 gaming computer?

Jeff: Yeah, he threw away his Xbox and has been playing Spreadsheet Simulator 3 for a week straight.

Ryan: He has truly become a member of the PC master race.?

Lol at the Spreadsheet simulator.

Even though the credibility of the entries made in Urban Dictionary is usually questionable, this one actually hit every mark just right. Everything stated, is true, but, not EVERYTHING about ?PC gaming was stated.

One thing to take note of if you are joining the PC Master Race is, for a decent PC for gaming to ?materialize, you will need to dish out some serious money. You can build a decent gaming rig for, more or less, $300, and that is almost $100 cheaper than a ?Peasant? console, PlayStation 4 (as they describe them). However, that $300 will probably add up in time due to hardware upgrades, which happens almost as fast as new smartphones are announced and released, so you?ll end up spending ?MORE? on PC gaming if you intend to play the latest at the best possible settings. On a console, you only spend big time just once, and that is for the console itself.

Another point, PC gaming also focuses on graphics. There are mods for certain games too, but to be honest, that?s just about it. If you?re not one of those ?graphics-whores? who spend most of their time enjoying their games by just admiring how it looks like rather than actually playing it, a console might be a better option for you. Consoles are made to be played. It?s their sole purpose. (Or at least they used to be, until Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo punched in other cool stuff like watching movies, streaming videos, listening to music, photos, social media sharing, etc.)

Forza Horizon 2 (Image Credit to YouTube xbox)

Forza Horizon 2 (Image Credit to YouTube xbox)

Consoles have REAL EXCLUSIVES. PC Master Race can only dream of playing games like God Of War III, Final Fantasy XV, Bloodborne, X, Super Smash Bros. 4, Mario Kart 8, Dance Central, Forza Horizon 2, Quantum Break, etc. Yes, there are PC exclusive games, but they rarely offer any kind of real and lasting appeal. After all, PC is not just meant for gaming alone.


So to show a better contrast on how these two things compare, here?s a list of their pros and cons:

PC Gaming

Pros List

  • Games are cheaper on PC
  • Better graphics on updated hardware
  • Easier controls with mouse and keyboard
  • RPG and RTS games play best with that setup
  • MODS!
  • Dedicated servers
  • Free DLCS
  • Hardware or Software issues can be dealt with by anybody

Cons List

  • Constant need to upgrade
  • Patches
  • Need to tweak settings to run in the best possible way with your computer
  • High-end PCs are EXPENSIVE
  • Upgrading constantly is ever MORE EXPENSIVE

Console Gaming

Pros List

  • Plug and play, not much is needed to start playing
  • Free DLCs as well
  • Rarely asks for huge updates
  • Bigger TV means more immersion. Most TVs are bigger than monitors
  • More exclusives

Cons List

  • Graphics are a bit inferior compared to PC
  • Rarely allows you to play with keyboard and mouse
  • No dedicated servers
  • Games are more expensive
  • Hardware fault is a big problem. People can rarely fix these themselves.

Still, it?s up to your personal preference. Both PC and Consoles have their strong and weak points, but know what each of these machines are made for, and that?ll help you decide more easily.

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