Which Console Won Christmas?

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I made a prediction in an article back in October explaining my reasons why Playstation 3 will come in 3rd this holiday for sales.? I stated 5 reasons to back my claims and now that Christmas is over, we can revisit the sales of December to see who came in first, second and third.

I took a look at sales trends for December and it was pretty cut and dry.? Wii came in first place with 1,176,232 in hardware sales and 6,721,628 in software sales.? The Xbox 360 held a strong second in hardware sales with 976,139 and software sales of 6,881,438, outpacing the Wii.? Playstation pulled some serious numbers in December due to price drops pulling in hardware sales 588,982 and software sales of 2,552,099.

If these three systems were in the olympics, it would be clear that the Wii took home the gold with Xbox 360 taking the silver and Playstation 3 getting the bronze.? What many fanboys fail to see however, is that the only winner this holiday was the gamers.? As I’ve said before, this is going to be a strong 3 console race.? Nintendo is filling in an empty niche while Microsoft and Sony are fighting on the hardcore gamer front.? I don’t see a drop in sales in the future and things can only get better.

I can only hope to never see a debacle like the one that occurred with the Sega Dreamcast. It was a AAA system that failed to impress the masses.? I still have an extensive Dreamcast library and don’t ever want to see anything like that happen again.? Let’s hope all 3 of the new consoles continue to flourish and give us gamers the entertainment that we long for.

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