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Whether you want it hot or cold, this antibacterial water dispenser conveniently gives you access to clean water right from your desk

Now any drink you want to brew is within your reach in seconds!

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The importance of proper hydration to staying healthy cannot be overemphasized. Thanks to water dispensers, we can conveniently access clean water, whether hot or cold, at home and in our workplaces. But, is there anything else better than a water dispenser? Yes! An antibacterial desktop water dispenser! Never heard of such a thing? Well, meet Scishare 3L Desktop Water Dispenser!

What is Scishare 3L Desktop Water Dispenser
Scishare 3L Desktop Water Dispenser is an antibacterial water dispenser that gets your hot or cold water ready in 3 seconds! Because it can hold up to 3 liters of water, it’s very portable that you can put it on top of your desk in your room or take it with you at work.

What is so special about this water dispenser?
Unlike the other typical dispensers, this water dispenser uses smart technology and a custom infrared sensing layer that automatically pours water upon placing your cup on the tray. It has buttons for customizing cup volume or for when you want to manually stop water discharging.

Along with the ability to select temperature, this water dispenser also uses a water tank with antibacterial properties. This way, you can rest assured that the water you consume is 100% clean and contaminant-free!

Take a look at the amazing features!

  • 2200W high power, ready to drink in 3 seconds.
  • Antibacterial water tank, up to 99.99% antibacterial rate.
  • 3L large capacity water tank to reduce frequent water replenishment.
  • LED screen, the water state is clear at a glance.
  • With an infrared sensor, simplify your unlock steps.
  • 1℃ Water temperature adjustable.
  • The desktop water dispenser does not need to be installed, and it can be used when water is supplied.

With this revolutionary product, you have no excuse for not meeting your required daily water intake!


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