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Whether at home or outdoors, this 2-in-1 lamp can keep pesky mosquitos at bay all night long

Now you won’t have to worry about the relentless buzzing and biting of these annoying bloodsuckers

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As the temperature becomes more conducive for outdoor activities, adventures and al fresco dining, here comes the pesky mosquitoes to ruin a perfect night and send you back inside. And it doesn’t matter how fun or perfect the moment is – mosquitoes always have a way of making an outdoor activity unbearable.

But who says you should let your summer days get ruined by these bloodsucking bugs when you can enjoy stress-free, bug-free and less itchy days? Eradicate the issue with this mosquito killer lamp that’s guaranteed to be effective and safe!

360° All-round LED Glare Mosquito Killer Light

This 360° All-round LED Glare Mosquito Killer Light is engineered to let you enjoy summertime without mosquitoes. It’s a trap and lamp in one that works by emitting blue light to attract mosquitoes before killing them.

How does this device work?

This mosquito killer lamp works by reflecting the blue light it emits and then catching mosquitoes. It imitates the human body breath that can effectively arouse mosquitoes to approach. It has fan blades that drive the air to form a vortex suction flow, allowing the mosquitoes to follow the airflow through the air duct and enter the bottom of the mosquito box so that they’re trapped inside. The best part of it? It works quietly all night long!

Features you’ll love about this product

  • Double blue light 360° no dead angle mosquito catching
  • 365 nano mosquito trap, simulating human body odor
  • Bass without mosquito disturbance
  • Multi-blade fan, strong whirlpool airflow
  • It only consumes 2.9 kWh of electricity for 24 hours operation for a month
  • USB powered
  • Detachable chassis for easy cleaning
Unlike other mosquito solutions, this product one you can count on as it is safe, chemical free and portable. With this mosquito killer lamp, you can now make every summer stress-free and worry-free because like they always say – a summer without mosquitoes is the best kind of summer!

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