Where to get pet insurance for your cats and dogs

Your pet’s future also matters.

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Your pet deserves any of these pet insurances:

  • Guarantee your pet’s safety, health, and future even in your absence
  • Offer comprehensive pet insurance coverage and reimbursement 
  • Preclude financial burden and expensive veterinary bills
  • Provide convenient, efficient, and affordable pet insurance services

Being a pet parent is a lifetime commitment. Pets are also part of the family, their health and safety are as important as yours. Sometimes, no matter how responsible and caring you may be as a pet owner, your pets will still get sick. You cannot predict what might happen to them in the future. 

Veterinary bills and other medical expenses can be really expensive. Getting pet insurance is the best way to ensure your pet’s health, safety, and future without a financial burden. While pet insurance is quite similar to human health insurance, several restrictions aren’t found in human coverage. Check out these pet insurance providers to help you find the perfect one for your furbabies.


Get reimbursed for wellness expenses and regular veterinary visits without any additional costs. Eusoh offers more than just pet insurance. Their community health plan provides comprehensive coverage at a fraction of the cost of a traditional insurance policy. It covers injuries, illness, annual checkups, cancer, hereditary conditions, congenital conditions, surgeries, prescribed medications, alternative treatments, and wellness care.

You can save up to 40 percent on your monthly costs, too. Aside from the cost, your monthly statement will also show your membership fee and care contribution. You’ll also be part of the many pet parents sharing expenses for the community to help other members reimburse their pet’s medical, wellness, illness, and routine care expenses. There are no hidden fees or network fees—all your money goes directly to pet care!

To avail of Eusoh’s community health plan, simply submit your invoice and receipt to the Eusoh community for reimbursement upon paying your vet bills. You will then receive your reimbursement based on the national average pricing plus a variance to account for differences in pricing across the country. 


Consider a pet insurance plan that works best for your furbaby! Wagmo lets you choose between pet insurance and pet wellness—whichever suits your pet’s needs best.

Their pet insurance covers your pet’s unexpected illness and injuries and provides financial security in case they require medical attention. You can save up to 10 percent when you cover multiple pets and earn an additional 15 percent after a year with no claims at renewal. 

Wagmo also covers prescription medications, emergency vet visits, hospital stays, surgeries, ultrasounds, CT scans, laboratory tests, and pet ambulances. Just answer a few questions, and you will get an instant quote without any hassle! 

If you prefer daily pet coverage, Pet Wellness might be a great option. Unlike pet insurance, it reimburses you for the routine pet care you already take care of. You can select three plans based on your budget and the services you want your pet to avail.

It covers routine exams, vaccines, routine blood work, fecal tests, urinalysis, flea/tick/heartworm, grooming, and dental care. Upon visiting the vet and submitting your claim, you can get your reimbursement within 24 hours.