Where Has The Respect Gone In NHL Games

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It’s the 3rd period and the score is 1-1. The game is down to the wire, tension is high, and only one goal could make or break you. The crowd goes wild because your opponent has just scored a go ahead goal. You look at the time and notice there’s still 8 minutes left and you breathe a sigh of relief because you’re still in the game. BAM! Your opponent has possession of the puck and starts to go in circles in his own zone. You chase him and try to get the puck but your team’s AI doesn’t understand this tactic so they stay in your zone and the neutral zone. This is because playing keep away in your own zone with a fair amount of time left is unknown in the NHL and wouldn’t be dared to be practiced for two reasons. For one it’s disrespectful, and secondly they are not computer AI and know how to counter this tactic. Were this an act that only a few members of NHL 10’s online community practiced I would not need to write this article. However, due to the fact that it’s becoming a common practice within the community that could quite possibly spread even further that bothers me. Respect is arbitrary so swaying people to not practice this would be a waste of time. Sadly the only solution to this problem is for EA (not sure about 2k’s iteration) to make the AI aware of this tactic so it cannot be exploited any longer (which in all honesty should of been put in place a long time ago), but because this doesn’t happen in the NHL I guess they overlooked it. So I ask you again, where has the respect gone in NHL games? Leave a comment if this shady tactic has ever been used against you.

Cheers, Spenny

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