When is the iPhone 6 release date?

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Despite the MWC 2014’s upcoming series of launches and press meets, people are still caught up in wondering about the iPhone 6 release date. Even though it is one of the most expensive smartphones in the world, Apple’s flagship phone is still the most popular for all kinds of users.

The internet is churning out those rumors, some of them have a ring of truth to them, others sound like wishful thinking or something for the iPhone 7. Nonetheless, most people want to know when the device (or devices) is actually going to come out.


So when is the iPhone 6 release date?

Usually, Apple debuts their iPhones during September. So the safest bet is to wait for the iPhone 6 release date then. But with the mobile phone market getting hotter this year, Apple may change their game completely and offer up something as early as June 2014.

But all of this is still speculation especially after there are reports coming in that Apple may have in development something for the phablet market and more than one iPhone 6. That’s right, just like the iPhone 5 line, there might be more than one iPhone 6 version. This may include a large, 5.5 in version that might finally compete with the HTC One Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note series. A smaller one may have a 4.7 in screen that will be appealing to standard smartphone users.



An iPhablet?

Although the rumors about sapphire glass for the iPhone 6 are almost confirmed, the smaller iPhone may have the usual Gorilla glass make. This means that the already high price tag for an Apple flagship phone might go up even more for the iPhone 6.

What other people have been saying is that since Apple may be releasing a phablet this year, this larger-screened device might be the one to roll out in June 2014. Traditionally, iPhones come out in September so if Apple is going to do anything new, it’s goimg to not be in September. For 2014, earlier seems better since so many other brands are realeasing models earlier this year. Apple has its work cut out for it when the Mobile World Congress 2014 is hosting a Samsung event. Although Apple has snubbed the event, some of its fans might be persuaded by the Android crowd if it doesn’t give them their fix.

The shocker

The biggest joke/rumor/shock to come is that the new Apple device coming earlier than the iPhone 6 is the phablet and is not going to be called an iPhone at all. Now what do you think it’s going to be called?


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