When Is Google?s Birthday?

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Google?s birthday
Google?s birthday

Google has been around been for a long time. However, their new Doodle says it is only their 18th birthday. Many people are now asking the question, ?When is Google?s birthday??

The newest doodle from Google features a capital letter ?G? blowing up a balloon and shaping it to ?oogle?. However, it seems that it was blown up too much as the ?oogle? in Google lifts the ?G? up into the sky. As the word ?Google? leaves the screen, one is left to see party balloons and confetti. After a short while, the ?G? drops back down and the GIF start again. If you hover a mouse over the doodle, it says that it is Google?s 18th birthday. However, Google has had several 18th birthdays, six to be exact. This is why people are now wondering when is Google?s birthday.

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Back in 1996, Google started out as BackRub that was a search engine that ran on Stanford servers. Before long, BackRub was using too much bandwidth and had to be taken down. About after a year, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the co-founders of Google, registered Google.com. On Sept. 4, 1998, Google files to become an incorporation in California. This raises the question of whether or not Sept. 4 should be the birthday of Google. Since 2005 though, Google has started using its birthday on the 8th and 26th of September. Afterwards, in 2012, Google has been using Sept. 27. The company says that they celebrate their birthday on Sept. 27, but there are other dates that have been used.

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When is Google?s Birthday?

According to the Doodle team lead, Ryan Germick, some people in Google do not even know when the company?s true birthday is. Although he said this back in 2013, it is still relevant today. Germick says that their first doodle was sent out on Aug. 30, 1998. This was before Google was even incorporated back on Sept. 4, 1998.

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Looking through Google?s history, Google.com was officially registered as a domain back on Sept. 15 1997. This date or the date that Google was incorporated have not been used as Google?s birthdates. There is no milestone as well when trying to check if Google had any significant events on the dates they have used for their birthdate.

So the question may remain unanswered for now. Stay tuned to TheBitBag!

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