When Glass Meets Metal: Meet the New iPhone 6

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The newest member of the iPhone family is coming out in the same way as the other models of its series did?with a lot of faking and leaking. While some of the leaked images are indeed true, some of these were served more with malice in mind, such as a leak of the iPhone 6 featuring an inelegant antenna setup. Most of these are only 3D renderings but there are some designs that are more elegant than those of the early renderings.

The most we?ll ever come to see of the iPhone-to-come are dummy renderings, and are indeed not proof of whether it is really what Apple has up its sleeve. However, the designs are more imaginative than literal, and with this antenna really being incorporated in the design, most of these are done so that cases can become more creative in making themselves more accommodating of the iPhone 6?s brave new design. These were also done based on the patents Apple had applied for regarding the fusing together of two different materials.

Recently, reports surfaced of a patent that was just approved for Apple. This is in regard to using a method to fuse together two glass elements as encasement for electronic components. With the antenna in mind, these glass element designs are in no way just creative imagination. These material fusions are necessary so that reception channels in the iPhone 6 backplate are still available.

The very same glass material is used in this 3D rendering of the phone, particularly the cutout at the backplate. Rumors also suggest that the logo does light up, indeed, fuelling further speculation that this phone might emulate the appearance of an iMac. The form of function of the logo is another area of speculation; might this perhaps be a choice for some users to easily find the phone? It isn?t a strange idea since users do often misplace their iPhones.

Most of these renders are tasty, and quite possible an indication of what the upcoming iPhone 6 will look like. However, they might be too avant-garde to ever be considered as Apple-like and be a true indication of the upcoming phone. Take the instance of some iWatch prototypes, which are too large and uneven to even be considered as close to the real thing. A take away from this rendering will be that Apple has shown a kind of restraint not seen in the brainstorm of other models. The glass elements are the lone factor that sets this model apart from the other models of the iPhone series.

Simplicity seems to be the theme of this current iPhone design. The thinness of the screen which protrudes only slightly above the side profile gives more credence to the simplicity of this new phone. This same technology might also be used to enable seamless insertion of the glass elements in the back panel. It could also help to make the screen flow smoothly into the sides and the edges.


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