WhatsApp vs WeChat ? Talk isn?t Cheap

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12794563335_4238fa02b5_zThe cyberworld has had its fare share of communications platforms vying for superiority and market share.? The two major applications now vying for market share have become big business, as information dissemination and communication is key to being a success in the market. The two platforms going head to head are WhatsApp and WeChat.

The WhatsApp and the WeChat

WhatsApp is a popular messaging application especially in the mobile communication world. Individuals are able to reach out to others in this medium through text messaging as well as through video and audio communication. Even with this feature of video communication, its primary feature is messaging to and between mobile and handheld devices.

WeChat also is a messaging application very similar to WhatsApp as it can send messages through text, video and audio. The main benefit of WeChat is its functionality allowing for free voice and video calls to other WeChat users.

How to Use these Messaging Apps

Comparing these two platforms has been the subject of many articles, such as this. While WeChat is able to gain membership through an individual?s Facebook account, WhatsApp bests them because Facebook recently announced the purchase of the WhatsApp platform.

What does this USD22 billion purchase mean to the market? This would mean a wider market reach for WhatsApp, especially after it boasted of revenues generated for 2014 in the whopping amount of USD10.2 million. With the integration of the application into the social media behemoth?s services, it would only serve to provide another avenue for revenues, not just from the use of the service but from possible advertisement and marketing income that can be generated through WhatsApp.

The Cost of Messaging

While WeChat provides free services to its users, WhatsApp?s USD0.99 per year registration is only the tip of the iceberg on possibilities for income and revenue for Facebook. The features of WhatsApp, together with its current 500 million registered users, is a virtual gold mine according to a report from Bloomberg Business. The key is monetization of the revenue streams afforded to WhatsApp with Facebook.? And because of this, WhatsApp becomes the more valuable application compared to WeChat and the better one for both user and owner in the long run.

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