WhatsApp vs. WeChat: Battle of the Most Popular Messaging Apps

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A comparison between WeChat and WhatsApp — two of the world’s most widely used instant messaging applications.

They say that the world is currently ruled by the ?mobile generation? or, more accurately, the ?smartphone generation.? If you?re reading this, we bet you?re doing it from the illuminated screen of your phone and you cringe every time it emits the faint sound of new emails alerts, messages, and notifications. We?re not even talking about tablets yet.

For many of us, it seems that using SMS and engaging in calls is a far-fetched idea. We have replaced them with more efficient messaging applications that not only allow us to send text & make calls, but also let us share photos, videos, voice clips, and even stickers & doodles.

However, not all messaging apps are created equal. There are those with superior features than the other and there are some that adopted by a lot of users making them more practical to use. Today, we?re going to dip our fingers a little deeper into the sea of mobile messengers and talk about two of its biggest fish: WhatsApp and WeChat.


By now, we can daresay that WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messenger out there. With active monthly users of more than 700 million and over 1 billion downloads on Google Play, this Facebook-owned application is a proverbial beast in the instant messaging jungle.

The app?s fame can be attributed to its straightforward service. While there?s no fancy customization features, WhatsApp lets users send texts, emojis, photos, voice notes, and video clips. It?s incredibly huge user base is its main selling point and the absence of any kind of ads means that people will need to pay a $0.99 annual after the first year of free usage.


On various occasions, WeChat has been touted as an all-in-one messaging client. It started out in China and continued to be adopted by users around the world. Right now, it?s reported that the app already has about 500 million active monthly users. Aside from offering the usual features like the ability to share photos, videos, and other forms of media, WeChat is unique because it can also function as a social media app. This Tencent-developed application allows its users to search for people nearby who also use the app and chat with them. There;s also the ?Moments? feature that works a lot like Facebook?s News Feed.


Back in December 2013, a ?social and mobile agency? called KRDS posted a ranking of the world?s most popular instant messaging applications. By then, it reported that WeChat was actually the world?s leading app in said category, overpassing WhatsApp. However, it appears that things started to change in favor of the latter. The agency recently posted an infographic, via, detailing the state of affairs between the two leading mobile messaging applications.

The image cleverly displays visuals that shows a side by side comparison of the competing apps and their marketing strategies user and behavior. Check it out below.

WhatsApp and WeChat comparison (Image courtesy of KRDS) Click to enlarge

WhatsApp and WeChat comparison (Image courtesy of KRDS) Click to enlarge


Photo Credit: ?Google Play

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