WhatsApp Voice Calling Now Available To ‘All’ Android Users [Report]

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The elusive calling feature of WhatsApp appears to be alive again. This time it’s reportedly working worldwide. (Image via WhatsApp press kit)

It looks like WhatsApp has once again reopened its ?floodgates? for it?s elusive calling feature to all eagerly waiting Android users. How is this different from previous, short-term invites? Will everyone finally be able to enjoy it? Read on and find out.

Beta tests

About a year after disclosing its plans to add a voice calling feature to their messaging application, WhatsApp has started to test it in January. Since then, the feature began rolling out to users in an invite-only basis.

When news about this limited WhatsApp voice calls hit the web, lots of third-party developers came?up with their own workarounds on how to get it running on Android devices. We?ve even featured some of them. There?s still no word from WhatsApp Inc. on when this feature will officially launch. The invitation also doesn?t seem to be work on mobile platforms other than Android, such as iOS.

Due to the Facebook-owned messaging app?s popularity, cyber crooks have decided to exploit users? desires and excitement to access the messenger?s calling feature. A recent attack involves a fake message being sent to a number of users which reads:

?Hey, I?m inviting you to try WhatsApp Free Voice Calling feature, click here to activate now.?

Clicking on the link will redirect users to a site where they are asked to complete a survey in behalf of WhatsApp but will, in fact, download programs into their computers which contain malicious software (malware).

Voice calling ‘invites’ reopened

As mentioned, the popular instant messaging client has been gradually testing and rolling out this feature by opening the invite window in brief intervals for a limited number of users. However, a new report from Android Police suggests that may the app may have finally opened the invite system to all Android users. That is possible, provided a user has the latest version running in their device.

Android Police mentioned that the voice call functionality works on version 2.11.528 from Google Play or on the newer version 2.11.531 from the official WhatsApp website. The feature is said to be activated only if one received an invite from the app?s development team or from a contact who already has the feature running.


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