WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature Spotted On An iPhone Via Leaked Screenshots

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Leaked photos of the WhatsApp interface for iOS is spotted in the wild. Here’s how it looks like.

We?ve already seen how WhatsApp voice calls work and look like on Android (and even posted a review) many times. However, we have yet to get a glimpse on how the slippery calling feature works on an iPhone. Thankfully, we don?t have to imagine it as photos of the app?s voice call interface for Apple fans? beloved handset are reportedly circulating online.

WhatsApp calls for iPhone

After revolutionizing the way we send instant messages, it seems that WhatsApp is now moving towards voice calls as well — something that competitors like Viber, WeChat, and Line has been offering for a while. With an official web client released earlier this year and plenty of reports about beta tests for its calling feature (both of them only works on Android, by the way), iPhone users appears to be snubbed by the world?s most popular messaging app.

The leaked screenshots

The recent appearance of a handful of WhatsApp voice call screenshots prove that that?s not the case. A BGR India reader submitted photos to the tech site showing the application?s alleged voice calling feature working on what appears to be a jailbroken iPhone. Check out the leaked images here.

Those photos are said to be from a jailbroken Apple smartphone running WhatsApp version Since that version is not the one currently available on the App Store, it?s not open to all. But it?s worth mentioning that the app?s present v.2.11.16 is available to download from Apple?s official app repository so it?s very likely that the messenger?s voice call feature for iOS is not too far off in the horizon.

The screenshot also shows a user interface (UI) that?s in line with earlier rumors along with a hands-on footage posted by an Italian tech site last week. See the video below.

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WhatsApp calling feature iOS interface

Provided these leaked photos are accurate, we can assume that the app?s dev team is planning to adopt a different UI compared to what we?ve seen on Android. Judging from the images, the dialer looks closely similar to the iPhone?s default calling screen, bar the ?WhatsApp Call? header found on the top part.

A phone icon is also furnished beside a contact?s display photo so we can assume that we can make calls quickly by hitting that button. When the call is then made, the calling screen will appear featuring three options: Mute, Message, and Speaker. There?s also a ?Recents? tab where the calls made, received, and missed are found.


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