WhatsApp Voice Call on Android: Why you can’t Activate this Unreliable Service

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Reasons why you’re having a hard time enabling the WhatsApp beta calling feature. (Image via WhatsApp.com)

WhatsApp, the world?s most popular mobile messaging application, has recently released the beta version of its voice calling feature. However, not all users are able to enjoy this much awaited perk. Some have reported that they have it running on their Android smartphones already, which is the platform chosen by the app?s dev team to roll it its beta tests. However, there are also rumors about the feature being spotted on iPhones.

While that may be true, there?s still a huge chunk of the application?s over 700 million active users who are not able to activate WhatsApp?s voice calls. Here are a few reasons why.

Your device isn?t compatible

The app?s calling feature, once activated, reportedly works only on the latest version which is v2.12.7 — this is not officially available on Google Play. As such, you can only download it from third-party source and it?s not supported by Google so you can expect to have some stability issues. Moreover, not all Android versions can run it; for instance, the latest official version is only compatible to Android 2.1 and above.

You?re not tech savvy

Relevant to the issue above, activating WhatsApp voice calls involves manually downloading and installing an APK file installer. Not all users is tech savvy (or familiar with sideloading) enough to accomplish this task. For some, this is a major reason why they can?t enable it and many other app updates, for that matter. On the other hand, if you have a little geeky blood running in your veins, this won?t be a problem at all.

You need to find a user who already has the feature working

This is probably the biggest reason why most users, although they already have the latest version running, aren?t able to activate WhatsApp voice calls. In order for you to enable the feature, one requirement is to have someone with the feature to call you. You have to ask a friend or a WhatsApp contact to call you from within the application so the feature can be triggered from your end.


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