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WhatsApp Video Calling Update: New Video Calling Invite Is A Malicious App; Here?s How To Avoid It

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WhatsApp Video Calling update was one of the most requested features to date. And now, hackers are taking advantage of that same demand. Apparently, a new malicious app that comes in the form of ?WhatsApp video calling invite. The invite was launched on several platforms that users began to think it was actually a real update. The video calling invite requires fans to click on the link and they will be redirected to another website.

Despite WhatsApp using a video calling invite when they launched the beta version, they denied using any form of WhatsApp video call invite to any of the Android, iOS and Windows platforms. Clearly, the malicious app took advantage of this old feature and used it to lure users to another page.

Whoever was behind the malicious link also intensified its campaign by informing users that this new WhatsApp video call update can only be activated if they click on the video calling invite. That alone should have warned users because clearly, any of the said platforms where WhatsApp video calling is available doesn?t need an actual invite for it to activate the feature. The application should be automatically updated and it definitely comes for free.

Be Wary of Suspicious WhatsApp Video Call Updates

If you see a WhatsApp video call update invite, specially from these sites, ? or ?,? don?t click it. First of all, you don?t need an invite to access WhatsApp video calling and second, the WhatsApp video call update is already on your application. Just make sure that you have the latest version.

Few weeks ago, WhatsApp confirmed the arrival of the video calling feature on the text and call messaging app. It finally delivered what has been the most requested feature on the app.?

Featured on the WhatsApp Blog, it said ?We?re introducing this feature because we know that sometimes voice and text just aren?t enough. There?s no substitute for watching your grandchild take her first steps, or seeing your daughter?s face while she?s studying abroad.?

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