WhatsApp Update Brings ?Mark As Unread?, ?Low Data Usage For Voice Calls?, And More!

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WhatsApp Update Brings ?Mark As Unread?, ?Low Data Usage For Voice Calls?, And More!

WhatsApp released a slew of updates today as the developers not only introduced the usual bug fixes but also introduced new features such as the mark as unread feature, and an optional low data usage for voice calls.

A Mark As Unread feature was introduced letting users switches the messages status to green to remind yourself that you need to respond to someone later. Using this feature doesn?t affect the messages? chronological rank among conversations.

There has also been new changes for the app?s settings. A low data usage option for voice calls has been introduced to help you on a slow data plan so you can be at ease when in a limited mobile data coverage. You can use this feature whenever you want to as reports said using the low data usage for voice calls doesn?t give users any noticeable drop in sound quality.

A new custom notifications settings also allows users to open a contact?s group?s detail. In it, you can mute user in chat for a couple of hours or even up to a year. You will also be allowed to set specific settings such as notification tones, vibration length, call ringtone and vibration.

The Google Drive backup has now also been included in WhatsApp?s messaging and calls, although this feature is unusable. This may hint that Google Drive backup may be brought to the device again in a future update.

All of these new features were brought in within a 24 hour timespan as five consecutive updates were released bringing the former v2.12.189 update to v2.12.194 update today.? These new features haven?t been released officially on Google Play so you need to manually download the APK file if you want to use these features already.

WhatsApp is a widely popular private messaging app that was being eyed by Microsoft, but gave-up after Facebook offered a bigger sum of cash at $19 billion. WhatsApp currently has 800 million active users.

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