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WhatsApp Update 2.16.118: See the Latest ‘Interesting’ Feature on the Beta Update

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As if WhatsApp is not giving enough updates to its users, the latest from the popular messaging app allows users to quote messages as an added practical feature on the application. According to ZeeNews, the updates lie similar to Facebook?s ?Share? option and Twitter?s ?Quote.? WhatsApp update 2.16.118 is currently on its beta version, so there?s a possibility that the feature may permanently stay or if users don?t find it relevant, might just go somewhere else other than the app.

If you think about it, the new feature will likely post a helpful service to others who seem too busy to reply and whose messages gets covered by other messages in time. By simply pressing on the old message, the app will show you options whether to reply, copy, delete or forward the message. By choosing reply, the message will automatically be quoted on your screen and from there, you can start writing your reply message. WhatsApp update 2.16.118 gives users better functions in terms of dealing with sending messages.

Meanwhile, the Irish Times reported another WhatsApp update that initially dumps creating a group in order to send a message to a group of people. Instead, there?s the ?Broadcast Lists? that allows you to send a message to a group. Take note that only people who have your contact details will be able to receive your messages.

WhatsApp Update 2.16.118 in its beta form can now be downloaded in the WhatsApp website. Take note that since the update is in its beta form, there?s a slim chance that not everyone will experience it until it goes public.

The Neurogadget on the other hand featured WhatsApp update 2.16.120 for Android and is set to fix some minor bugs in the app. The update is only 4K in size and about 310 files have been updated. Once the update passes its beta form, you check on the latest update at the Google Play Store and download from there. Are you interested in knowing the latest updates from the popular messaging application? Make sure to read on!

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