WhatsApp Trick: Enabling WhatsApp Voice Calls On Jailbroken iPhone

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A guide on how to activate WhatsApp voice calling feature on jailbroken iPhones. (Image via WhatsApp.com)

The mobile tech world is rife with news on WhatsApp being able to support the much sought after calling feature. However, all of those rumored voice call support are only being rolled out or tested to Android users. Now, we?re going to show you how you can activate WhatsApp?s slippery calling feature on your iPhone, provided it?s jailbroken beforehand.

The elusive WhatsApp voice calls

With Skype, Viber, and a multitude of other messaging applications offering VoIP calls, it?s about time WhatsApp offer it to their over 700 million users. Indeed, the team behind the popular messenger already tested the feature earlier this year. An invite system is used to roll it out to select users, who in turn can send those invites to their contacts. It seems that iPhone owners are left out in those beta tests as the app?s voice calling invites reportedly only work on new WhatsApp Adroid versions.

iPhone users don?t have to feel isolated much longer as an enterprising Reddit user going by the name ?akshitgupta95? just posted a workaround that allows jailbroken iPhones to run the said feature.

Steps on how to activate WhatsApp voice calling on jailbroken iPhone

Before you begin:

  • It?s recommended that you install AppSync first in order to get this WhatsApp beta version. You may get it by adding the http://cydia.angelxwind.net repo to your list of Cydia sources. Doing this will make the process go smoothly.


  • Download and install WhatsApp Beta on your iPhone. You can get it by heading over to this link.
  • Add the following repo to your Cydia sources list: http://apt.imokhles.com/
  • Install the WhatsApp Call Enabler app package and activate it via Settings.
  • Login to WhatsApp and send a message to this number: +91-96502-79319. If you know someone who already has the feature running, then it?s much better to contact that person instead. Otherwise, the number above is recommended.
  • It may sound weird that is actually how the voice call feature works. That number belongs to the person who came up with this tweak, Akshit Gupta, and he will call you to activate the feature. Once you receive the call, the feature will immediately be enabled and you may have to restart your phone to see the changes.


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