WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Share Location, Hide Message Previews and Automatic Backup

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Cool tips and tricks for WhatsApp; How to share your location, turn off message previews and Automatic Backup

WhatsApp is one of the most IT apps of today especially with their latest achievement of reaching 1 Billion download, thus making it one of the most popular and most downloaded app on Android Google Play Store today!

Want to learn a few tips and tricks for the famous app? Here on this article, we will teach you three cool setting tweaks that you might want to check out.

Three useful WhatsApp tips and tricks according to the guide made by citifmonline:

How to share your current location

One of WhatsApp?s cool feature is the ability to send your current location to the person you are chatting with. The procedure is quite simple, honestly, and you can turn this option on with just a few taps! Just follow these few simple steps:

  • Go to any chat window and tap the arrow icon that you can find on the left part of the chat box.
  • Now, select ?Share Location?
  • If you haven?t set up this option before, the App will prompt you if you really want to send out your current location. Just follow the instructions on screen and you?re done!
  • You can choose from two different options: send map data or choose from a list of nearby Google Maps Location.

How to hide the incoming message preview

The incoming message preview for this App is actually quite useful at times. You don?t want to go through all that trouble to open a message just to see a two to three word message like ?hey?. However, some ?messages? are not meant to be shared or at least read by someone else other than you. So, here are the steps that you can do to remove the incoming message preview for the App that can certainly save you from all that embarrassment:

  • Go to your ?Settings?
  • Choose the ?Notifications? menu
  • And look for the ?Show Preview? option. Tap that to turn it off.
  • Now when you do that, you now will only receive a notification that says ?Message from (name)?. No more private messages popping up on your screen!

How to do an automatic backup for your WhatsApp chat logs

When you are going to reformat your phone, it is always important to do a proper backup of important files but in the case of WhatsApp, did you know that you can also do a chat log backup? Yes! In fact, you can actually do both manual and automatic backup! We have already talked about the guide on how to manually backup your chat log, now, it is time to do the automatic backup.

  • Go to your ?Settings?
  • Now from there, look for the ?Chat Settings? and open it
  • Inside there, find the ?Chat Backup? option and choose ?Auto Backup?
  • You can choose from daily, weekly or monthly chat log backup

Now that is what you call REALLY useful tips and tricks for WhatsApp! Don?t you agree?

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