WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: How to Lock Chat and Create Shortcuts for Your Conversations (Android Users Only)

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Cool tips and tricks for WhatsApp; guide on how to put Chat Lock and how you can create shortcut icons for your conversations

Are you the type of person who gets paranoid everytime a friend asks if he/she can borrow your phone? Who knows, he might be reading some of your messages on WhatsApp right? Well luckily here on this article, you will learn how to put a security lock on your app. But not only that, you will also learn here how to save a few seconds of tapping and turn it into a single tap everytime you are going to read/write a message.

WhatsApp guide on how to put Chat Lock for more security as suggested by Hackinguniversity:

Security is always important no matter what but did you know that, you can also add a security lock on your WhatsApp? Yes, in fact it is quite easy and the feature is pretty useful! Just follow these steps:

  • First thing you must do is open your Google Play Store and look for the ?WhatsApp Lock?. Download and install it or you can just click here for more convenience.
  • Once you have finished installing the app, you will now have to enter a four digit code (Note: Make sure to memorize the digits you are entering)
  • After that, you?re done! You are now more secured than before. This app also offers an Auto Lock feature so you don?t have to constantly lock your WhatsApp. But not just that, when you enter a wrong code after a few times, the front camera will automatically capture the face of the person using your mobile phone at that time, pretty cool right?!

WhatsApp tips and tricks, how to make shortcut icons for your contact or group, according to the guide by stuff:

Reading/writing a message to your contact or group is now a single tap away, like literally, just one tap?even if WhatsApp is not running. Here on this part of the guide, you will learn how to make a shortcut icon to any of your contacts and/or groups that are registered on your list.

  • Tap and hold the person/group of your choice
  • After that, a tab will open up and choose ?Add Conversation Shortcut?
  • Now once you have done that, a shortcut icon of that person/group is now available on your home screen and you can click that icon anytime you want to read/write a message from or to that person.

Pretty neat tips and tricks for WhatsApp right?

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