WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Hide ‘Last Seen’ (for iOS users) and Backup/Restore WhatsApp Chats

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WhatsApp is now one of the most famous and most downloaded Android apps on Google Play Store today with over 1 billion downloads.

Here on this article, we will talk about two useful tips and tricks for the app; hide the ?last seen? timestamp and backup/restore chat.

WhatsApp guide on how to hide the ?last seen? timestamp

The ?Last Seen? timestamp on WhatsApp, as explained by hongkiat, is a message or a status rather that indicates your last use of the app?which can also be seen by other users on your list. Fair warning though before you proceed, this guide only works for the iOS users:

  • First thing you must do is open your settings menu and look for the chat settings.
  • Once there, open the Advanced page and tap the ?Last Seen timestamp? to turn it off.
  • Pretty easy right? Now you don?t have to worry about other people on your list seeing your last log in timestamp.

WhatsApp guide on how to manually backup or restore your chat history

According to hongkiat, WhatsApp already has the ?automatic backup? feature for the chat however; you can still perform a manual backup in case you are worried some messages might get deleted. Here are the steps on how you can do that:

For the iOS part of the guide:

  • First step is to open your settings
  • Then go to Chat settings, from here, find the Chat Backup and tap it.
  • Now choose the Back Up now option and you?re done.

Now for the Android OS:

  • Pretty much the same as the iOS, first go to your Settings and look for the Chat Settings option.
  • Once you are inside the Chat Settings, tap the Backup conversation option to create a backup.
  • After that, you must use the file manager to copy your media folders in /sdcard/WhatsApp/Media, as stated on hongkiat.

However, to restore the chats directly on WhatsApp, the only way you can do that is to uninstall and reinstall the app. After the reinstallation process, there will be a prompt that will ask you if you want to restore your most recent backup. You just follow the instructions and you?re all set again.

I hope this guide helped you on your problem for the ?Last Seen? timestamp and the backup/restore your chat in WhatsApp.

Image source WhatsApp

? 2011 WhatsApp ? All rights reserved

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