WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android: How to Add Contacts

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Finding a free messaging app on any platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry phone is pretty simple to do. However, finding A RELIABLE messaging app may take a few minutes to hours. Installing the app, register for an account, check their UI and how it responds on your device, these are the normal routines you do everytime you first open an app.

Luckily for WhatsApp, you don?t have to do any of that?well other than the installation part because let?s face it; you can?t actually use it without installing it. This app is reliable especially now that they are rolling in the voice call feature for the Android OS.

On this article, you will learn how to add a contact detail on your list. (Note: This guide will only work on Android, stay tuned for the guides on other platforms)

Super useful WhatsApp tip for Android; how to add contacts on your list, the easy way as instructed by WikiHow:

  • First thing you must do is make sure that your friend is also using WhatsApp
  • Open your Android phone book and add your friend?s number there. Make sure that you also include the international number. It will begin with a + and followed by the country code.
  • Next thing you must do is check if the displayed logo is a sim card or a phone logo. If it is a sim card, press and hold that friend?s name and select the ?Copy to Phone? option. But if it is a phone logo then you don?t have to do anything.
  • Do not forget to ask your friend to add your phone number on their contact list as well.
  • It is now time to check if your friend?s name will show on the chat section
  • After opening the app, tap the Chat icon and check there if your friend?s name is included on the list. If it?s not there, refresh it by opening the Menu button and tap refresh.
  • After you refresh the page, you will now then see your friend?s number on your list.

I hope this guide helped you on your problem with how to add contacts on WhatsApp. Many more guides to come for different platforms like iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Image source: WhatsApp

? 2011 WhatsApp ? All rights reserved

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