WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: 5 Powerful WhatsApp ‘Hacks’ You Should Try This 2015

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Fun and useful WhatsApp tricks you should definitely try (Image courtesy of WhatsApp)

WhatsApp has undoubtedly become one of the best and most popular mobile messaging applications around. Aside from being available to practically every mobile platform like Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Java, it?s also being used actively by 600 million users every month (as of October 2014).

If you?ve been using WhatsApp for as long as you can remember, you may think that you already know everything there is to it. But there?s no harm in learning a little more about an application that you have relied on everyday. We?ve come across some WhatsApp tricks and hidden ?hacks? that we think many of its fans will find useful. Check them out below.

Recover deleted message

This trick is very practical since it gives you the chance to get a hold on those messages that you?ve deleted accidentally. You may retrieve sent and received message in the last seven days provided your phone has a microSD card.

Protect WhatsApp with a lock

Whether you use the messaging service to exchange trade secrets or those highly controversial selfies, this app allows you to add an extra layer of protection.

For the full instructions on how to do the first two WhatsApp tricks, head to this post from

Use another phone number to register to WhatsApp

If you don?t want to use your own mobile number and reveal it to your WhatsApp contact, it?s possible by following this WhatsApp trick. It involves removing the app and installing it again using a different registration process.

Create a fake (and funny) WhatsApp conversation

We?re not sure about you but we certainly think that this particular trick is useful especially if we want to make fun of our friends. With this app, it?s easy to make a fake WhatsApp thread, take a screenshot, and upload it on Facebook or Twitter to prank our social media friends.

Schedule WhatsApp messages

If you use WhatsApp to keep tabs on many aspects of your work and personal life, it may be practical to employ some automation trick so you can be sure that all messages are sent on time. These apps will help you make that possible.

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