WhatsApp Security Tips and Tricks: How to Put Restriction Access to Your Profile Photo

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Cool security tip for WhatsApp, how to put restriction access to your profile picture

On any social media platform, people can freely look up your photos and your profile picture anytime they like. It?s perfectly fine if you are friends with them however, if a stranger frequently checks your photo on a daily basis, then I hate to break this up to you but you have clearly found a stalker. This is where security feature of any messaging apps today comes in. Restricting strangers to access your photos is the best solution for this kind of problem. Luckily on this WhatsApp tips and tricks, you will learn how to put an end to this creepy encounter by putting a restriction access to your profile picture.

WhatsApp guide on how to put a restriction access to your DP (or Display Picture) as suggested by AllTheTrickz

  • You must open your app for the first step of this guide
  • Now on your WhatsApp, find the Settings and tap it
  • Once you have opened the settings page of the app, it is now time to search for the Account option
  • Are you inside the Account option? Great, now look for the Privacy option
  • Inside you will find different various privacy options that you can choose from but for this guide, we will choose the Profile photo
  • Here you can control on who can view your profile photo. You can choose from everyone or my contacts only, choose my contacts only for more security.

After you have done all the steps, the only people who can view your photos now are the ones added on your WhatsApp contact list.

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Image source: WhatsApp

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