WhatsApp Scam Lures Users To Activate Fake Voice Calling Feature

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Reports claim that an official-looking but fake WhatsApp invite is being used by culprits to spread malware. (Image via

Due to its popularity, WhatsApp seems to be the go-to target of cyber scammers these days. The latest scam now involves the distribution of fake messages that invites users to activate and test the messaging app?s new voice calling feature.

The fake WhatsApp Calling Feature invite

A report published by described an on-going hoax circulating among WhatsApp users urging them to test the said feature. The message looks like this:

?Hey, I am inviting you to try whatsapp Calling click here to activate now?>

By clicking on the URL provided, you will be directed to a website that asks you to complete a survey in behalf of WhatsApp. However, the survey will lead you to download apps which contain malware (malicious software).

How to protect yourself

The single best thing to do once you receive this nefarious message is to ignore it, and by ignore we mean delete it. This is apparently not the best time to be curious because once you click on the link, you?ll be forced to send the invite to 10 other WhatsApp contacts. An even better thing to do is to tell your friend who sent those messages that they are actually hoax messages.

This scam is probably fueled by earlier reports about WhatsApp testing out a new voice calling feature for users in select countries including India. Those tests allegedly involves users being able to invite their contacts to activate the feature. But a more recent report indicate that those tests have been halted by WhatsApp and the beta calling feature is now disabled for the time being.

The Facebook-owned messaging application currently does not support calls but it is widely believed that the team behind the app will launch the said feature later this year.


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