WhatsApp Rival Telegram Arrives on Windows Phones, Still No Word About WhatsApp’s Return

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Telegram for Windows Phone now available; WhatsApp still fixing itself

While WhatsApp is still unavailable for Windows phones, it seems that the new Telegram messaging app is taking the liberty to grab a slice of WhatsApp?s user base in the said platform. Telegram is the official version of the app previously known as Ngram.

Joe Belfiore, VP and Manager for Windows Phone previously mentioned via Twitter that WhatsApp is supposedly having issues with the ?notifications system on the updated Windows Phone 8 OS. People behind WhatsApp itself also explained, although vaguely, that they are having technical difficulties with the Windows Phone platform and that they have decided to un-publish their messenger app for the time being. They also apologized to users for the temporary inconvenience.

The Telegram Messenger is still in Beta version. It had been conceived earlier this year when the ?Telegram team? open-sourced their app development and held a contest that involves third-party developers to build apps for them. Ngram emerged as the winner. Recently, it has been re-branded to become the official Telegram app for the Windows Phone.

Telegram is similar to WhatsApp in a way that it gives a basic messaging appeal. They are both focused on providing secure messaging service and sends different types of media between users. However, Telegram has apparently more tricks up its sleeves.

The recently launched Windows Phone messaging app boasts features like self-destructing messages, ability to send videos up to 1 GB & multiple images right from the web, and the option to group chat with up to 200 contacts. All trades of information within the app is protected by a Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange and RSA 2048 encryption. Messages are also stored in Telegram?s cloud servers so users may easily access their conversations and attached media from any of their supported devices.

Telegram gained attention earlier this year when privacy concerns arose due to WhatsApp?s acquisition by Facebook. Reports said that Telegram enjoyed over 5 million downloads the day following the said deal. This is further boosted when WhatsApp suffered a 4-hour outage and more recently, with its unavailability in the Windows Phone platform. At present, WhatsApp has yet to disclose a date when their messaging app will return to the Windows Phone Store.


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