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WhatsApp Returns: Back in Business At The Windows Phone Store With Version 2.11.490 Claiming To Fix Bug Issues

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WhatsApp for Windows Phone returns

After facing a lot of scrutiny from frustrated users due to outages and technical issues, WhatsApp for Window Phones is now back in the game. The messaging app was unpublished from the Windows Phone store two weeks ago and now it?s back in the world?s third most popular mobile operating system (OS).

WhatsApp Inc. has issued vague comments on why they unpublished their messaging app from the Windows platform. They only cited that ?technical issues? has been encountered and that they are already working for them to be fixed, hence the app?s removal. Meanwhile, Microsoft issued a separate statement indicating that WhatsApp is encountering problems with pushing out notifications to its users.

The issue was first discovered when the Update 3 for Windows Phone 8 OS was released. Since then, error messages consistently appeared and a failure in delivering notifications occurred making its users unaware that they already received new messages. These difficulties prompted the developers to temporarily remove their app altogether even though its WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8.1 version was not affected.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone, along with its iOS and Android versions, is the world?s largest cross-platform, instant messaging service. It has been recently acquired by social media giant Facebook. This move resulted to rumors about WhatsApp?s privacy being diminished. All that and the recent removal of the app from the Windows platform resulted to millions of users reportedly switching to other worthy rivals like the recently launched Telegram for Windows Phones.

In spite of the issues, WhatsApp is still eager to fulfill its promise. This past weekend, the app returned and is apparently packed with a host of new features to make up for the inconvenience they caused.

WhatsApp Version 2.11.490 for Windows Phone now features new chat backgrounds and the option to send messages to several ?broadcast lists.? If users are able to update their Windows OS to the latest Update 3, they will have the option to personalize notification tones. The privacy settings and media auto-download settings are also improved. Apart from those, not much can be gathered from the changelog as it only added that ?various enhancements and bug fixes? have been done.


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