WhatsApp Plus: How To Update Without Manually Downloading APK Installer

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Here’s how you can update WhatsApp Plus without having to repeat the whole installation process. (Image via

So you finally learned how to setup WhatsApp Plus and have it running on your Android or IOS device. But what if you?ve installed an older version and want to update it to the latest? Do you need to delete the app and sideload it again? Well, that?s not the case. Read on and find out how.

What exactly is WhatsApp Plus?

Before we talk about what it can do, you should know that WhatsApp Plus (or WhatsApp+) is not developed by WhatsApp Inc. Instead, it?s made by third-party developer ?rafalense,? an XDA Developers Senior Member, who utilized the original WhatsApp code and performed a handful of tweaks in order for the app to accommodate features that are not available in the official but bare-bones application.

WhatsApp Plus adds zest to the messenger?s user experience by offering tons of new features and customizations settings. Once installed, it?s possible to personalize font colors and sizes, alter the notification icon, change wallpapers, and even edit the interface?s design right from the app?s Menu setting.

How to install

If the idea of a cooler, hipper WhatsApp is appealing to you, we?ve already provided a guide on how you can sideload and set it up on your phone, be it Android or iPhone. Head over to this post to check it out. Like we?ve mentioned in that piece, the app isn?t official and is supported by the WhatsApp team (in fact, they even discourage users to download it). So proceeding to install it on your device means that you understand the risks.

Easy way to update WhatsApp Plus

Since WhatsApp+ is not available from official sources like Google Play and App Store, it?s impossible to receive automatic updates. So that leaves users the option to download an APK installer file every time the developer releases a new one, right? Wrong.

Thankfully, the app?s developer generously provided a way within the app that allows users to update it easily. All you need to do is make sure you?re connected to data network, fire up WhatsApp Plus > head to Menu > choose the ?PLUS? tab > on the list of options, select ?Check for update? or ?Update.? After that, the app will automatically look for available updates and if there?s one, it will be proceed with the upgrade process right away.


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