WhatsApp Next Update for iOS, Windows and Android includes Voice Call, Chat History, Call Mute

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16580617018_2f5dd2115d_zIn a bid to continue its market upsurge, WhatsApp has been reported to be set to release its next updates for the iOS, Windos and Android platforms.

New features for the Windows version of the App

One of the first reports of an update was for the Windows Phone. The latest one, done last October 14 is WhatsApp?s beta 2.11.574.0 and has loads of new features for the platform. One of the new features is the conversion of the email conversation history into an archive of messages for safekeeping. This can be done by holding down the user name on the screen until a pop up appears where ?archive? is one of the options. In order to view archived messages, the main menu now includes an option for ?archived chats?.? One can also email chat history as well as un-archive chats found under the individual contact?s info.

New features for the App

Another new option is sending the user?s location to another user. This would be a good function when seeking to meet someone. Another neat option within this functionality is Nearby Place, where one can access information on popular locations near where the current location is.

The current photo editor is updated, allowing the user to crop, rotate and add captions to photos taken before sending them out to another WhatsApp user. There is also a smaller font resolution, allowing for more display instead of the letters. Even individual contacts can have their own background, providing a personalized feel and look to each user contact.

New features for the Android WhatsApp version

In another report, this time for the Android platform, sees an upgrade of the current voice calling functionality for the application that would be made available by 2015. Another new function would be the screen being divided into what is dubbed as ?call log windows?, indicating the missed, received and ongoing calls using WhatsApp. There is even rumor of the introduction of a call mute, switch to text messaging and hang up functionality in the newest update.

There is no update for iOS as of the moment, but this is expected to be just around the corner. The WhatsApp world awaits the new functionality for the Windows and Android platform.

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