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?WhatsApp Messenger? For Android Gives Users The ?Middle Finger?, Other Updates Here!

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WhatsApp has launched a major update for Android including a rather surprising new feature. The cross-platform mobile messaging app has released some quirky new features for Android users to play around with including new emojis, custom notifications, and a new ?low data? mode for phone calls, according to Mashable.

New Emojis

Surprisingly, WhatsApp added a middle finger to the app?s custom keyboard. So for those naturally talented at giving middle fingers to your loved ones (excluding immediate family) and friends, then this new emoji is just for you. With the addition of everyone?s favorite middle finger is the Vulcan salute for Star Trek and Science Fiction fans alike, all of them available in different skin tones.

Custom Notifications

Another new feature from the latest update includes custom notifications for ?specific chats and groups? and an ?email like? management messages, according to Mashable. This new update allows you to set different notifications from the number of chats you?re in or even mute your desired conversations entirely. This is especially useful to anyone ignoring certain contacts you don?t like and extremely helpful when you immediately want to know if the message you received is from your crush.

?Low Data? Mode

And for those who use WhatsApp Messenger for a lot of voice calls, you can take a swipe at their new ?Low Data? mode which can apparently save you large amounts of data that you use every day in phone calls you make through the app. This new mode from the app can be very helpful for users who aren?t able to rely on Wi-Fi.

Contact Information

Finally, WhatsApp?Messenger?makes it easier for everyone to share contact information from your phone to the people that you message with, shared by Mashable. Users can instantly message or be able to save the information if they?re on WhatsApp.

The update is now available at the Google Play Store.

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