WhatsApp Latest Beta For Android: How To Download, Features You Need To Know

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The mobile messaging application WhatsApp recently released a new BETA for android phones. With a 25.4MB file size, here are all the inclusions of the add-on as well as where and how to download it.

According to reports, the new BETA will have no new features. Also, there are no new addition to the Video Calling feature of the app, which iOS users have already acquired from a beta update a few months back. For android users, the beta version 2.16.213 is just going to fix some bugs and improve the stability of the app.

So, without any new feature at hand, let us proceed to the installation process of the update. NeuroGadget noted that the easiest way to install the new beta version of the app is through the Google Play Store. But, before you can download/install it from the Google Play website, there is a note that will appear saying ?BECOME A TESTER.?

You will have to click it if you wish to install the new beta version. Upon clicking, you will be brought to a whole new page where you can now download the new WhatsApp beta version directly from the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, iOS users recently received new features included in the latest update of the app. Large emoji is the most popular inclusion of the add-on. Also, the users now have an easy way of zooming in and out while recording videos through simply sliding a finger up and down.

Not only that, because there are also reports stating that the update also included chat improvements that will allow the users to quickly access the archive and delete or mark it as ?read? easily. These features were expected to be taken to the android phones as well, but as mentioned, there are no new feature that was included in the new beta.

There you have it! Some of the latest updates on the WhatsApp new beta version. Hopefully, the mobile messaging app will give android users the features available in iOS. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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