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WhatsApp for iOS Getting Voice Calls or VoIP Support in Q2 2014!

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WhatsApp for iOS are getting voice calls or VoIP service support soon according to new leak of the next update.

Credit: Google Play Store

Credit: Google Play Store

Voice Calls for iOS

WhatsApp for iOS missed the voice call support unlike with other social messenger such as KakaoTalk, WeChat and Viber. But an Italian blog revealed the latest upcoming features of WhatApps for iOS devices and now it includes voice calling service or VoIP.

Screenshots from an Italian blog showed several functionalities during voice calls using WhatApp such as mute, message or loudspeaker mode. Calling method on WhatApp differs a little when compared to other apps as users can simply click on the name of who is in the chat list.

In addition, WhatsApp will bring free calls using the app on both 3G data and Wi-Fi connectivity to help save users on getting charges using regular voice calls. Other changes found on the upcoming version of WhatsApp include user interface improvements, camera icon moved to new location and enhancements on sending photos and videos.

iOS devices may get the update first-hand which will appear later on Android devices around the second quarter of 2014.

WhatsApp Messenger

Just like with other messengers, WhatsApp uses any active Internet connection such as 3G or Wi-Fi. It is free for the first year and costs $0.99 per year thereafter in exchange of these features.

  1. No Hidden Costs ? Chat as much as you want using 3G or Wi-Fi without occurring extra charges.
  2. Multimedia Sending ? Send over videos, images and voice notes to all your WhatsApp friends.
  3. Group Chatting ? You can chat in a group conversation without getting additional charges.
  4. No International Charges ? Similar with email service, no international costs for sending messaging or multimedia files.
  5. No Pins or Usernames ? You can directly use WhatsApp without any pins or usernames required. Just make your smartphone as an active phone number to be connected.
  6. Push Notifications ? No need to close or re-login on WhatsApp as push notifications is always active to catch all updates from your friends.
  7. No Need to Add Buddies ? WhatsApp automatically connect you with your contacts and all contacts stored on your phone using WhatsApp are automatically displayed.
  8. Other Features: Sharing location, exchanging contacts, customisation of wallpaper, customised sounds, landscape mode, time stamps and email chat history.

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