WhatsApp How-To: Don’t Save Incoming Media and Change Your App Phone Number

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Guide on how to disable the auto save of incoming media files on WhatsApp and how to change your phone number within the app

WhatsApp is now one of the most used and most popular Android app on Google Play Store especially now that they have reached the 1B mark for most downloaded App?for the Android OS.

Here on this article, you will learn how to turn off the ?Save Incoming Media? option and how to change your phone number within the app.

WhatsApp guide on how to not turn off the ?Save Incoming Media? option

According to mashable, one of WhatsApp?s most annoying default feature is the auto save of all images and videos that was sent to you. Talk about constantly erasing the videos and/or images you receive from someone, this is a real buzz kill and not totally convenient. Luckily, there?s a quick way on how to fix this or rather, turn off this default feature, as suggested by mashable.

  • First thing you must do is open the control settings of the app that can be seen at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Next is go to the ?Chat Settings? and look for the ?Save Incoming Media?
  • Now once you have found it, tap that option to turn it off.

With this, you can finally save up your time AND your phone memory.

How to change your WhatsApp phone number

Changing your mobile number is sometimes unavoidable. As for WhatsApp however, if you think that reinstalling the app is the only option you have when you want to change your number, then you are gravely mistaken. This guide from hongkiat suggests that, you don?t have to go to all that trouble of reinstalling the app just to change your contact information. Just follow this quick step-by-step guide if you want to change your phone number within the app:

  • The first step you must do is go to your settings
  • Then from there, head to the ?Account? tab and look for the ?Change Number? option
  • Input your old phone number in the above field and your latest and current one below that and press done
  • After you verify your new number, all contacts from your previous number, chat history and groups will be migrated to your latest contact number.

I hope this guide helped you on how to change your WhatsApp number and how to turn off the ?Save Incoming Media? option.

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