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WhatsApp ‘Dance of the Pope’ Virus Turns Out to be a Hoax Chain Message

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The chain message called ‘Dance of the Pope’ is just a virus hoax for WhatsApp

Viruses, malware and adware are potentially dangerous to your tech device, whether it?d be a phone or a computer. Serious issues that one?might encounter when your gadget gets infected include?slow response from the system and constant pop-ups from random websites. To address this, getting virus cleaner software may be needed or worse, the solution would be to auto reformat your device. Recently, there was this circulating message on WhatsApp that may bring some terrible repercussions when a user?accepts it. The virus is called?the??Dance of the Pope?.

WhatsApp ?Dance of the Pope? virus is just a hoax

According to huewire, the ?Dance of the Pope? virus hoax is now spreading through the free messaging app WhatsApp and in some other social media platforms.

Apparently, this virus has the capability to wiping out the?phone’s memory and do an automatic reformat on the gadget’s?system?probably the reason why this ?alert? is scary. Here is an example of the message that a user can receive for this virus alert [via huewire]:

?URGENT: Tell all contacts from your list not to accept a video called ?The Dance of the Pope?. It is a virus that formats your mobile phone. Beware, it is very dangerous. Today announced on the radio. Passes to the greatest number. It was announced on the radio in the United States.?

Luckily, this virus is just a hoax. There have been many messages like this that circulated through other social media platforms in the past, including the London Tube Terrorist Attack last year, as reported on express.

Just like the terrorist attack hoax, the ?Dance of the Pope? is like any other chain messages that have been circulating since the pre-smartphone era.

One of the members of WhatsApp Support Team has confirmed that [via express] ?[this] message is a hoax and did not come from WhatsApp.? The Support Representative also added ?Please disregard the message and do not resend it. We do not use WhatsApp to mass message our user base, nor would we ever send you a message advertising gifts or asking you to forward a message to your contacts.?

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