WhatsApp Calling Feature for Android: Issues You May Encounter for the Latest Added Feature

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Here are a few issues and bugs that you must take a look at before you decide to try the latest voice call feature of WhatsApp

A few months back, calling someone through WhatsApp is like a wish to a falling star. Now, that wish has finally been granted and people can now actually call each other using the most popular messaging app today.

However, just like any other latest update and brand new added feature, this one also has a few issues and some of them are actually quite frustrating.

Bugs and issues for the latest WhatsApp voice call feature

Here are some known bugs and issues that you may encounter when using the voice call feature of the app, according to a report from deccanchronicles:

  • Lags and echoes ? Lags and echoes are irritating especially when it delays for like 3 to 4 seconds, pretty much like what?s happening with the latest feature of the app. It fully supports 2G; however, the experience might not be as good as compared to when you are using a WiFi. So as suggested on that source, if you truly want to take advantage of the app?s brand new feature, it would be wise to use a WiFi instead of a Data Network.
  • Call doesn?t go through but still ringing on the caller?s end ? If you are connected on a 2G network or a bad WiFi, chances are, you might encounter some frustrating issues with this latest feature, like this one. As reported by deccanchronicles, sometimes your call will not reach the other person?s phone. It will keep ringing on your end like a normal call but for that person, he/she will only receive a notification indicating a missed call.
  • WhatsApp call feature still not activated even though they have updated the app ? This one is probably the most headache inducing of all the issues that were reported on that source. Not only it is frustrating but it can also take a lot of time to figure out the problem and look for a solution. This issue is totally related to WhatsApp?s server or possibly a compatibility issue like voice call feature is only available to a certain OS like Android. So always check the version first before trying the latest voice call feature of the app.

These issues are truly stressful but don?t get me wrong though, it is still a wonderful app when it comes to messaging and WhatsApp voice call feature is still fresh so things like these are bound to happen.

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